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A fast, reliable and secure office network has the potential to improve your operations wherever you do business – from across Brunei to all over the world. We will work with you to standardize, simplify and manage your network so you can gain control and plan to scale as you grow.

Our Ethernet portfolio and leased lines are designed to be combined and bundled to suit almost any business or entity and can be packaged with world-class business continuity and management tools.

E-Line Network Services

Prioritized data flow for your most important operations gives you consistent, secure connections for latency-intolerant applications.

Dedicated Internet Services

A key benefit to Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is symmetrical internet service; upstream speeds as fast as downstream.

IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Our experts can help you design, configure, service and manage an IoT solution tailored to your company’s goals for almost any industry.

Corporate Mobile & Voice Plans

Becoming Brunei’s favorite mobile brand has taught us a lot about keeping customers happy. Now we’re ready to do the same for Brunei’s businesses.


High performance and security for mission critical connectivity.

While speed and security are an important focus for all of our products, E-Line (Ethernet Line) allows you to transmit data between two sites even faster and with the highest level of security. Designed for mission-critical, sensitive data applications, our E-Line networks allow you to bypass the public Internet and securely connect over a private connection that is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  • Point-to-point connections
  • Dynamic bandwidth
  • Monitoring tools
  • Ideal for linking to multiple locations

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Dedicated Internet Access

Your expressway to information, content and data.

The Internet has become the most important tool for organizations to connect with the world. It gives you access to endless intelligence and it lets you share your vision with your customers or constituents. Upstream or down, Dedicated Internet Access gives you enterprise-grade service with significantly higher speeds and lower contention ratios.

Dedicated Internet means Performance, Flexibility and Affordability.


Dedicated Internet

  • Performance backed by stringent service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Tiered pricing adapts to your  fluctuating usage
  • Enterprise-quality, high-speed Internet connectivity
  • High uplink speed with symmetrical service

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IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

The world is connecting in new and wonderful ways.

IoT is a game changer for dynamic companies. From managing inventory and asset visibility to risk mitigation and improved workflows, there are now infinite ways to enhance productivity and improve your bottom line through SIM-based technology. You just need the creativity to conceive of them and the partner to help you deploy them.

With IoT, now you can track your fleet, follow shipments globally, remotely monitor meters and equipment, manage inventories and much more with dashboard-based monitoring and analytics from your desktop or mobile device, from virtually anywhere.

IoT applications include

  • Vending machines
  • Health equipment
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Global, air cargo shipments
  • Intermodal shipping containers
  • Digital signage
  • Security, climate control
  • More…

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Internet of Things

Corporate Mobile & Voice Services

Modern business is mobile. And so are we.

Progresif has transformed cellular phone and mobile data services for consumers in Brunei and we are ready to do the same for our enterprise partners. Progresif Solutions can work with you to craft an enterprise-grade plan that will keep your employees connected and collaborating with a fast and reliable network.


Services Include

  • Corporate voice/mobile plans
  • Device monitoring and management
  • Corporate messaging services > Bulk SMS, etc.
  • Mobile data
  • Fixed Voice
  • Mobility management and security
  • WIFI

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SMS Broadcast

Mass communication made simple.

  • Easily send push notifications to mobile users
  • Commuicate to large groups easily & effictively
  • Build and manage audience groups
  • Broadcast reminders coupons, & SMS contests
  • More…

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SMS Broadcast

Connectivity, with excellence engineered.

Our connectivity ring guarantees our customers fast, reliable and secure office network connections wherever you do business.

Progresif Connectivity Map